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We want to make a difference. We are dedicated to providing our patients with updated and current treatment alternatives for adults suffering with joint and spine pain. Our staff regularly attend several conferences per year on ultrasound guided interventional medicine with new and innovative, as well as traditional techniques in treating joint pain. This allows us to utilize and implement the practices and techniques of leaders in diagnostic ultrasound imaging and ultrasound guided treatment from Europe, Asia, Canada and the United States at prestigious institutions including the Mayo Clinic. We remain on the cutting edge of treatment objectives to help our patients feel better!

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I have joint pains since 1995. Started with pains and swelling in my wrist and fingers. Then slowly started in other joints. I am seeing rheumatologist since 1998, I went though few medicines but seems none of them help. And pain started growing and growing since 2005. I have little pain in my hips. A year ago,  I had an xray done on my hips because I had severe pain in my left hip. The xray showed bone on bone that's why my pain was not going away and rheumatologist suggest me I may need hip replacement. I did some research and found out about Optimum Joint. They insert this gel thing in the joints between the bones and today is my third treatment and I am feeling a lot better. Pain is gone and feels very good. God bless them, they are helping their patients everyday. Thank you doctors and the whole team.

- Kamil Z.,Age 49: Hip

I have four key points that were really bothering me. First is changing positions, it would really bother me; it was really difficult. The second thing is walking up and down the stairs, dragging one foot from the other. The third was when I'm sleeping, whenever I turned over my knee, the pain would wake me. The fourth is, it would be very difficult when walking distance for more than 10 minutes. What I found after having the treatment of the steroid injection then 5 Hyalgan shots was the changing positions was greatly improved. I can walk up and down the stairs normally even if it was slow-paced, which is a vast improvement. Sleeping when i turn over doesn't wake me. I can sleep more peacefully. My endurance for walking is much improved. I can walk about 25 mins to half hour before discomfort. I feel the overall benefit. I would do this again in a heartbeat. I am 75-80% better on my own knees., which is a lot to me; without a doubt.My hand used to hurt me a lot. I have basilar arthritis on the left joint. I had one steroid injection and a couple of therapy sessions and its 80% better now. I can open a jar with little difficulty. Before, I could not open a jar at all. I don't have that intense hurt anymore.

- Phyllis C.,Age 71: Knee

I came to Optimum Joint with a high level of pain in both knees and a lack of flexibility. After four injection shots, my pain has greatly decreased. I am more flexible and can walk up and down.

- MaryEllen G.,Age 65: Knees

My treatments are making me feel so much better. The first injection was a big improvement. So happy to be here as a patient. My walking is easy.

- Thomas P.,Age 71: Knee

Thank you for giving me my life back. When i came to you two months ago, I felt as if my right knee was broken. Your treatments progressively reduced my pain and gave me most of my mobility back. I truly appreciate your care and approach to dealing with joint pain. I had two rounds of Synvisc injections, neither of which relieved the apin. Your combination of PT, ultrasound guided injections, and sequencing of treatments really made a difference. You provide hope in averting knee replacement.

- Krys A.,Age 68: Knee

I am about 75 to 80% better.

- Tim M.,Age 49: Hip & Knee

I wanted to take this opportunity thank you and your staff for diagnosing and treating the elbow pain I was experiencing. I was experiencing elbow pain for over a year to the point where I couldn't shake someone's hand without feeling pain. You had recommended PRP injections and after one treatment my pain has been reduced 95%. In addition, you have also injected my shoulders with PRP and I am experiencing a decrease in pain and I am looking forward to future injections. I also want to add that you have a friendly and professional staff and that I have recommended you to my friends and family. Have a happy new year!

- Vito C.,Age 46: Elbow

After 4.5 years of excruciating pain being unable to get out of bed or walk, I found Optimum Joint. After one treatment, I am able to walk without pain and "unbelievable" not in agony anymore. My friends commented how they are surprised to see me walk. My knee was very swollen when I first walked in, after my first visit, its so much better.

- Dorothy G.,Age 73: Knee

After 2 years of pain, no sleep, agony everyday, I didn't have a quality life. Now after I have recieved treatment (2) I feel 100% better, great. Thanks to the doctors and the staff of Optimum Joint service.

- Maria H.,Age 61: Hip

In my early 40's dislocated left shoulder and had it reset; at 45 years old primary physician diagnosed me with arthritis and at 50 years old, i can hardly move my arm. It was difficult to do my job as an electrician with decreased mobility; for 20 years this problem remained but not now and 70 years old. I'm 70% better. I can sleep so much better my mobility has improved and I'm very happy with my results.

- Nelson H. ,Age 71: Shoulder

Find injection successful. Very pleased and feel younger and can reach without pain. Wonderful alternative to surgery.

- Lenora G.,Age 74: Shoulder

My hands are feeling so much better.

- Richard G.,Age 72: Hands

After first short I felt a great relief the pain was so much less. I was able to walk pain free.

- Michael O.,Age 79: Knee

Before it was very painful. I couldn't lift the fork when eating, couldn't lift arm to put on my shirt. Now I am back to normal lifestyle. I am able to eat and dress myself without feeling pain. I really appreciate it.

- Charley W.,Age 64: Shoulder

I have been getting therapy on my knees for several months. The pain did not subsided much until I had an injection of platelets. Three days later, my knees feel better and i hope they will continue getting better. I hope to be able to bend my knees without pain - sit down better, walk stairs more easily, and walk. I am very optimistic.

- Roslyn J.,Age 83: Knees

I want to thank you and your staff for the help you have given me since I first came to Optimum Joint on October 14, 2013. To give you a little background on my condition, I have been having severe pain in my hip, the muscle in my leg and knee since last December. I was diagnosed with Sciatica at that time and must say the sciatica has cleared up but the pain in my hip and knee has not. I went to my internal medicine doctor - who referred me to an Orthopedist. He referred me to a pain management doctor, who felt an epidural would help but because I was on blood thinners he wouldn't consider that. Therefore, he referred me to a Physical Therapist that I went to three times a week for two months. That didn't help so I switched to a Chiropractic but his adjustments weren't helping so he referred me to his partner who helped slightly but I still had great trouble getting out of a chair, getting into the car and standing and walking. When that didn't help me, I switched to Acupuncture and that did absolutely nother and was at my wit's end. My wife heard your office talked about by Joe Bartlett on WOR and I thought I would give your office a try - not expecting too much once again. From the first time I met you and you explained what you do - the methods you used and the PT that you ordered, and the injections you gave me, I started to experience some relief. Now, after only two weeks, I find that I am getting out of a chair much easier - can actually get into the car without help and am walking much better. I truly believe that continuing with you and your staff with the injections and physical therapyl; I will continue to get better. Your approach is different from everyone else's and I only wish I had met you months ago. Thank you so much.

- Malachy D.,Age 86: Hip & Knee

Feeling a lot better. Very pleased with the outcome. has never felt that way for so many years. Now i can brush my hair, button up my clothes, do things without discomfort.

- John L.,Age 71: Shoulder

For more than a year I couldn't put on my socks or stand for more than 10 minutes without pain stopping me. Now I can reach my feet to put on my socks, go for long walks and play tennis again.

- Robert B.,Age 76: Hip

In my early 40's dislocated left shoulder and had it reset; at 45 years old primary physician diagnosed arthritis and at 50 years old I can hardly move my arm. It was difficult to do my job as an electrician with decreaed mobility; for 20 years this problem remained, but not now at 70 years old I'm 70% better. I can sleep so much better, my mobility has increased, and I'm very happy with my results.

- Nelson H.,Age 70: Left Shoulder

I was leaving for Ireland and my right knee was hurting. I went to the doctor and he gave me a cortisone shot and said I was bone on bone and would have to have knee replacement. I had my left knee replaced and was not happy with the results and was not going thru that again.

I heard about Optimum Joint on 710 radio and decided to drive to Suffern from Queens. it is the best ride i have taken. I felt better after my first shot. No pain in my knee and my leg is much stronger. I am very happy with the results.

- Jacqueline S.,Age 83: Knee

As recently as ten years ago you could hardly have a conversation with your doctor about alternative or interdisciplinary care. Now,we offer interdisciplinary care in the same office. The advantages of multispecialty care are obvious; communication about your case between each provider at any given visit and more choices.

There is no magic bullet in treating chronic pain; however, the advantage of combining treatment under cooperative guidance has great advantages.


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