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Treatment Options

Ultrasound Imaging Of Joints-Sonograms


Recent advances in high-resolution ultrasound imaging present unique opportunities for improving the diagnosis and treatments available for joint pain. Diagnostic ultrasound Imaging: Unlike an x-ray, which emits radiation and shows only bone, diagnostic ultrasound is non-invasive and allows us to view the causes of your joint pain with great accuracy. With musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging (MSUS), the muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, nerves and joints can be accurately examined at the time of your visit. This provides immediate information...Read More

Finger Pain


Finger Pain are normal to 70 year olds. But when a person below this age has them... Hand Pain...Read More

Medical Pain Management


How can we control pain? There are a variety of ways to deal with pain which include specialized focused injections, medical treatments to help arthritic joints, nerve blocks for spinal pain, medical procedures to fix damaged tissue, the administration of drugs, or psychological ways to manage coping with pain. Meditation and guided imagery (concentration of the mind on a relaxing image) are methods of relaxation therapy that can help with pain management. Additionally, for those who...Read More

Physical Therapy


A Different Approach Other Than Routine Painful Exercises: We see many patients who come to us in chronic pain. Many have also had experience with physical therapy where they spent much of their sessions doing exercises and it hasn’t helped. Think of being in pain, having joint stiffness, loss of range of motion or chronic inflammation and then doing exercises to get rid of it. In most cases, you’ll feel worse not better. Exercise is critical to...Read More

Chiropractic Care


Doctors of Chiropractic are experts in detecting areas in the spine where there is a loss of movement and local inflammation that causes irritation to delicate spinal nerves, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Dr. Striano is an expert in gentle manipulation techniques to ease pressure in the joints of your spine. By gently stretching the muscles, using pressure applied in areas of spasm and tenderness and mobilizing the vertebra or spinal bones, painful inflammation and irritation is...Read More

Ultrasound Guided Joint Injections


Why are ultrasound-guided injections better and more accurate? When using an injection to deliver treatment into painful joints, it is necessary to be exact and precise. Dr. Isidro and his team are highly trained in ultrasound-guided injections. These procedures are performed in the office, at the time of your visit. Some of the common structures involved in joint pain may be as little as 2-3mm wide and therefore require a high level of precision to be accurate....Read More

Hyalgan Lubricating Injections for Osteoarthritis


Arthritis is among the most common causes of joint pain.  When the smooth cartilage in a joint wears thin, the joint begins to “dry-out” resulting in pain, reduced range of motion and restricted activities. At Optimum Joint, we offer a long-lasting, naturally derived, FDA approved, safe and effective treatment injectable lubricant called Hyalgan. How do “lubricating” treatments work? Hyalgan is present in normal joint fluid and responsible for its lubricating properties, which allows for the cartilage surfaces...Read More

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy


Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP): Jump starting the healing signals: Why use PRP? When there is damage, tissue tears or arthritis, this exciting new procedure (made popular by professional athletes) that heals damaged structures in a joint such as the labrum, tendons, muscle, ligament or cartilage is showing exciting results! How does PRP work? When you cut your skin and it bleeds, platelets collect and gather at the wound site. Once there, platelets act like a conductor in an...Read More

Cytokine Therapy


CYTOKINE THERAPY is applied in orthopedics and regenerative medicine to enhance healing of the damage inside and to the structures around joints. More specifically, when there is osteoarthritis, it involves the entire joint. The bone, articular cartilage, joint capsule, ligaments, tendons and muscle. CYTOKINE THERAPY helps reinforce the healing signals to tissue and cells to stimulate repair. Because growth factors and interleukins regulate the breakdown and rebuilding of tissues in your body, it is natural to...Read More

Stem Cell Therapy


What is Osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis, or degenerative joint disease, is the most common type of arthritis. It is caused by the degradation of a joint’s cartilage. Cartilage is a firm, rubbery material that covers and cushions the ends of bones in normal joints. Its main function is to reduce friction in the joints and serve as an intermediary or cushion. Where do stem cells come from and how do they work? Stem cells are the natural premature cells that...Read More